FHS 22′ Spring Break Plans


Provided by Olivia Johnson

Screenshot from Google Maps.

Olivia Johnson, Staff Writer

With the third quarter ending, students are in need of a break in order to rejuvenate themselves for the rest of the school year. For most, the 2021-2022 school year has been challenging, especially as the pandemic has begun to slow down and students have to readjust to the “old normal.” Many students and even teachers may feel very drained out and unmotivated. 

Having a week off of school for spring break is extremely beneficial for students and teachers because it gives them time to debrief and time to focus on their mental health. It also is a time where friends and family are able to spend time together. After the break is over, students begin preparing for the end of the school year and the week break gives them a chance to take a break from the stress of school. 

“For this year’s spring break, my family and I are traveling to Tennessee to visit my aunt and uncle [while also just going on] a getaway from home,” said junior Claire Ceccotti.  “I am actually super excited to go on vacation because it’s long awaited and I’m honestly just excited that I will have a bit of a break from school.”

Although COVID-19 is not as severe as it was in 2021 or especially in 2020, the virus can still be a concern for those traveling for the break. Not only may it affect the travel plans themselves, but it may also affect some of the activities that families may plan on doing while in their destination. 

“I feel like anyone who is traveling outside of the country may be affected by COVID, but I feel like anyone traveling in the United States will be fine,” Ceccotti said. “If anything, the only restriction that may still be in place in my opinion is just the mask mandate. Not that many places require masks anymore but there’s most likely certain places that still do.”

In the United States, the only restrictions that tend to pop up are that public places may still require people to wear masks and that vaccines are required for anyone that is traveling internationally or for anyone traveling into the United States. 

“My family is pretty good about being cautious of the virus so I’m not really worried about it that much [while traveling]. Also the location of where my aunt and uncle live is relatively private so we aren’t really around too many people,” Ceccotti said. 

Even though a large select of people are planning on traveling for spring break, some people feel that staying home is a better alternative. 

“We were planning on going to Georgia but it’s hard to coordinate trips with two small children and it was challenging to plan a trip for all of us,” said Karlyn Schamel English teacher.  “I also prefer not to go on vacation for spring break because I feel like afterwards I need another break. I also rather just spend time with my kids at home instead of going on a trip with them.”

No matter how people spend their week-long break, it is the perfect time to decompress and to relax!