Holiday Cheer! Should Coffee Franchises Keep Their Seasonal Drinks All Year Long?


Dunkin’ Donuts winter holiday selections Graphic from Dunkin’ NPC Management

Olivia Johnson, Staff Writer

Typically, as the holiday season approaches, many coffee franchises such as Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, Pete’s Coffee, etc. introduce their seasonal specials that are only offered during that time. These shops begin to fill up quickly with customers who are interested in the hype of what is being sold. Some types of flavors that are offered from these chains include pumpkin spice for the fall, peppermint mocha/toasted white chocolate for the winter season, and berry-like flavors in the spring/summer. Once the season wraps up, they remove the flavors until the next year and replace them with next season’s flavors.

In my opinion, the best kind of flavors offered are during the winter months and my personal favorite is the peppermint mocha flavoring. After the winter season ends, it is a little disappointing to me that they do not offer it for the entire year, and I have to wait until the next to get it again. 

On the opposing side of this, I personally believe that certain locations of these places would happily sell these flavors every single day but however, they are not allowed to because the corporation that controls their location thinks just having them per season makes it more appealing to those who have not ever tried these flavors or those who have not had them in a long time. 

According to, approximately 39% of American coffee-drinkers have an increased amount of coffee during the holiday season. As well as this, about 55% of people prefer to purchase packaged holiday coffee rather than regular coffee during the season. Resulting from these statistics, it is concluded that the fall/winter season are the busiest and highest selling time for these shops After the excitement of the holidays dies down however, the amount of coffee consumption from coffee franchises begins to decrease because customers feel that they should be able to enjoy these “holiday flavors” whenever they desire. 

I feel that it would be beneficial for coffee companies to always sell their seasonal products because if there are more options to choose from all year round, that will bring more business to the corporation and individuals like myself can appreciate the variety of options that they have.