Good Girls TV Show Review


Helina Wondwossen

Crime comedy-drama television series “Good Girls” premiered on NBC on Feb. 26, and follows the lives of three suburban mothers struggling to make ends meet: Beth Boland, played by Christina Hendrix, Ruby Hill, played by Retta and Annie Marks, played by Mae Whitman. In order to solve their financial problems and provide for their families, the group of moms decide to pull off a heist, and rob a local supermarket. The robbery is successful, but they quickly learn that they are in for more than they bargained for.

Although the plot may not be entirely believable, the strong performances and comedic abilities of the actresses make the series worth watching. The show does a great job in balancing comedy with drama and crime, making each episode interesting. It is tense yet light-hearted, serious yet playful. I liked how the show focused on other aspects of the plot besides the heist, such as the characters’ family background and reasoning as to why they resorted to theft. This aspect made the “criminals” a little more relatable.

The far-fetched storyline can make the series hard to follow, since moms committing serious crimes does not seem very convincing. For the most part, the show remains compelling regardless of this, and is extremely entertaining. I did enjoy how different the show was compared to other crime series, as it was not centered around murder mysteries or private investigations.

Overall, the show is a refreshing take on a crime related tv show, and is the perfect blend of comedy and drama. If you find yourself gravitating towards comedies, but want to try something new, I would definitely suggest you watch “Good Girls.”