Freedom Theater Prepares for “Beauty and the Beast”


Photo by Lyndsay Lemmerman

Freedom Theater cast practices for the upcoming “Beauty and the Beast” musical.

For weeks Freedom theater has worked tirelessly to learn, choreograph and memorize all aspects of Beauty and the Beast. On Feb. 26, all their hard work will pay off.

For  the winter musical Freedom theater will put on “Beauty and the Beast.” “Beauty and the Beast,” a beloved Disney classic, is rich with amazing songs and characters. The play has many dance heavy performances as well.

“I felt it would be a really good show for this since it’s our first year back in person full time. To really engage as many people as possible in the process” said Rachel Novi, the director of “Beauty and the Beast” and FHS theater teacher.

Being in front of a crowd can be mentally and physically draining for many people. In order to put on the best performances possible cast members need to be able to control their emotions and not let their nerves get the best of them. 

“I like to prepare by building up my comfortability on stage and also taking care of my mental and physical health,” said Mahdi Badairi, a sophmore and a “Beauty and the Beast” cast member.  

With a play like “Beauty and the Beast,” that is so well known, each theater company that puts on the play has its own interpretation of it.

“That’s the beauty of live theater, you’re never going to see the same show exactly the same,” Novi said. 

Theater gives an opportunity to find a community at FHS. A community where people can make friends with people who all have a common interest. 

“My favorite part about being in Freedom theater is the community and atmosphere, it’s very supportive and accepting,” Bdairi said. 

To reserve tickets for “Beauty and the Beast” check the link on Freedom Theaters official Instagram or on Freedom High school’s official website.