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Social Media Focus on Makeup Influences Children

Julia Buktaw
Popular skincare products on social media from a beauty store.

The increase in the use of makeup products may have an impact on the mental health or self image of themselves. Makeup has always been popular, but more people have been using heavier makeup at younger ages as well. 

“I started getting into makeup around eighth grade,” said senior Vicky Sim. “I think the age that kids get into makeup is getting younger.” 

Social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat have been increasing in popularity in the past few years. The growth and target audience of these platforms have been expanding to both older and younger generations. It is important to think about how this growth has been affecting these people, especially the younger generations. This blog post specifically focuses on the consumerism and expansion of the use of high-end skincare and makeup products in younger generations and how that may affect them. 

“I think younger girls using makeup can lead to insecurities, feeling like they always need to have it on and they can’t go outside without it,” said senior Elana Leichty. “I know people in seventh grade that have been using it lately and haven’t been able to go out without it. While it is light makeup, I feel like once you start, it’s hard to go back and feel confident without makeup in public.”

There have been concerns about the effects of the expansion of the use of social media with younger generations. An increased use of social media in younger generations may affect their mental health. It can also be bad for kids to use skincare that helps with oil problems when they don’t have those issues to start with. It may cause their skin to adapt to that and have more problems later on, but not many studies have been done to prove that as it is a more recent topic. There were also concerns on how parents should be letting their children behave. 

“I think their parents should make it known that there isn’t much of a reason to be wearing makeup at their age really,” Leichty said. “Kids’ skin at the time is normally good and doesn’t need to be covered up or fixed with expensive skincare products. They should cherish the time that they have good skin naturally.” 

Some people blame popular beauty influencers on apps like TikTok or Instagram. Young girls watch their videos of them using makeup and skincare products that are meant for people with struggling skin or more matured skin. This causes the children to be using products that aren’t meant for them, spending hundreds of dollars on high-end products.

“I don’t think the influencers are at fault, I think it was the trend that was a collective effort to cause this epidemic,” Sim said.

Not only can getting into makeup influence the way younger girls feel about themselves, but also older teenagers and even adults. 

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