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Picture of Romcom novel Love, Theoretically by Ali Hazelwood

Rise And Fall Of The Rom-com

Hope Nguyen, Staff Writer May 14, 2024

Rom-coms, short for romantic comedies, used to be one of hollywood’s biggest movie genres. Rom-coms like "When Harry Met Sally," "10 Things I Hate About You" and "She’s The Man" dominated the box office,...

Dragon Ball Z main character, Goku, has a pair of wings and a halo to represent Akira Toriyama passing.

The Impact of Akira Toriyama Creativity

Adellys Mendoza, Staff Writer April 2, 2024

Akira Toriyama was a Japanese manga artist who achieved the recognition of creating the iconic shonen anime, Dragon Ball Z. Toriyama's inspiration for the iconic anime came from a classic Chinese novel...

Venture Jazz Collective at Battle of the Bands on March 15, 2024.

Venture Jazz Collective Plays at Numerous FHS Events

Julia Buktaw, Staff Writer March 17, 2024

Venture Jazz Collective is a group of juniors and seniors that came together during the summer. It all started when they began playing their instruments in a pavilion for fun. They decided to perform at...

Olivia Rodrigo set having malfunctions during her performance at the VMAS.

A Look Into The VMAS

Adellys Mendoza, Staff Writer September 15, 2023

Every year MTV holds an award show called the VMAS or also known as MTV Video Music Awards. This year the VMAS took place on Sept. 12. Nicki Minaj was the hostess again for the VMAS.Awards given out to...

Cover of The Inheritance Games

Book Review: “The Inheritance Games” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Charlie Laiacona, Staff Writer May 4, 2023

The Inheritance Games, with its deep green cover, was immediately enticing as soon as I accidentally picked it up in English class. The blurb on the back advertises a girl with a low budget suddenly finding...

Wednesday Adams from the popular show Wednesday on Netflix.

“Wednesday” is a Show Worth Watching

Sophia Azam, Staff Writer March 8, 2023

Recently Netflix has come out with a new show called "Wednesday." "Wednesday" is another remake of the beloved Addams family movies. The Addams family is adored by many, so there is no doubt that "Wednesday"...

Photo of Halle Bailey provided by Insider.

Disney’s Live Action Little Mermaid Sparks Debate about Representation

Hope Nguyen, Staff Writer December 15, 2022

Disney has been making live action remakes of their animated movies since 1994 starting with "The Jungle Book," and in 2022 their most recent "Pinocchio." However, as the years have gone by and the...

FHS Students Share Favorite Festive Fall/Winter Music Playlist

Zayna Jamil, Staff Writer December 9, 2022

The winter season has begun and many Freedom High School students listen to various types of festive music during the holidays and school. FHS students listed their favorite festive music and why it is...

A movie poster of Doctor Strange 2 in front of the Dulles Mall theatre. [Photographed by Jackie Buktaw]

Doctor Strange 2 Released in Theaters

Hazel Nguyen, Staff Writer May 10, 2022

Ever since the release of Disney Plus TV shows and "Spider-Man: No Way Home," Marvel has been on a roll with its latest releases. Now, the wait for one of the most highly-anticipated Marvel movies is over;...

Freedom Theater cast practices for the upcoming  Beauty and the Beast musical.

Freedom Theater Prepares for “Beauty and the Beast”

February 16, 2022

For weeks Freedom theater has worked tirelessly to learn, choreograph and memorize all aspects of Beauty and the Beast. On Feb. 26, all their hard work will pay off. For  the winter musical Freedom...

FHS theater students practice a routine for Beauty and the Beast.

Winter Play: Beauty and the Beast

Anya Smith, Staff Writer February 8, 2022

The Freedom High School musical Beauty and the Beast will run from Feb. 24-27. Rachel Novi is the FHS theater teacher leading the operation. It all starts with Novi assessing the students that will...

Graphic provided by Movies Disney

“Encanto” – Disney’s best movie since “Frozen”?

Hope Nguyen, Staff Writer November 16, 2021

This article contains spoilers for the movie Encanto. "Encanto" is a story centering around the Madrigals, a multi-generational family living in their magical home in Colombia. Each member of the family...

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