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Students Pursue Various Fields of Study

Graphic representing career paths and opportunities.
Surabhi Komanduri
Graphic representing career paths and opportunities.

After high school, different people choose different paths. At Freedom High School, a lot of people hear about people studying fields such as engineering, business, and pre-medicine. However, there are paths that many people pursue after high school that aren’t talked about as much.

“I plan to pursue Culinary Arts after high school because I love cooking but more importantly, I love the industry,” said senior Kyler Facey.

Some fields of study that aren’t as common for students to pursue.

“I only have a few friends pursuing Culinary Arts, but I have met numerous other people in the industry,” Facey said.

Freedom High School students are working towards studying a broad range when it comes to fields of study. All of these fields vary in how common they are.

“I plan to pursue music production and engineering,” said senior Cate Chappell. “Music is something I’ve always had a passion for, especially the technological side of recording, producing, and mastering a song. I think the field of study is pretty uncommon, at least in the grand scheme of things. Among musicians, it’s somewhat common, but you tend to find more people who prefer to perform and be on stage.”

Regardless of the commonality of the career, students encourage other students that might be interested in a less common field of study to take advantage of opportunities to further explore that field prior to deciding what their plans are after high school.

“The culinary arts are a labor of love, you need to be passionate about both food and hospitality,” Facey said. “I would recommend that people work in a restaurant to understand how things work because it is very different from home cooking or Food Network. You should be open to criticism and be open to learning things in different ways.”

In addition to the cruciality of experience and passion, networking is also critical to gaining a deeper understanding into what a career path might entail.

“The advice that I would give to those pursuing a career similar to music production and engineering would be to not let others discourage you and to stick with it,” Chappell said. “Don’t let boredom consume you and practice in your free time. Also, make lots and lots of connections with local musicians/other people in the industry.”

Students that are yet to be seniors are exploring their options, they’re encouraged to get hands-on experience and speak to others that are currently pursuing those interests as the time quickly progresses for making decisions regarding their postsecondary endeavors.

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