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The timeline for course request

Anya Smith, Staff Writer

With the school year going into the third quarter the elective class list has come out. There has been news of new classes coming out that would be great for certain careers for future graduates. 

These classes could help the students that want to get some experience, see if that  potential career would be a good suit, or get used to how the work would be. The CTE section of the course selection sheet is where the career based classes are. There is everything from Culinary Arts to AP Psychology. Consider the pros and cons of classes and what would best fit  the next year. 

The new/newer classes for the 2022-23 school year are: African American Lit, Latin American Lit, African American History, Latin American History, Women’s History, Film Analysis, App Development, and many more. 

“Project management, just like I explained, I think it’s something no matter what career you go into, you can be an artist who has to manage their, you know, work and getting things done by a certain deadline for your portfolio or for your show or whatever. Or you could be a school counselor,” said Darlene Adu-Gyamfi, school counselor.  

Keep in mind the classes that could help you in the future that aren’t CTE classes. Classes like project management that will help manage time and help keep organized when in the workforce, or classes that seem simple like Culinary Arts, Art 1, and Yearbook. Those electives help in the long run when it comes to time management and getting tasks done in a timely manner.

At Freedom there are so many options and opportunities to take over the years. Take advantage of how many things are offered.

The link to the course request process: The 2022-23 Course Request Process 

The link to the course request sheet: The 2022-23 Course Request