Students Opinions on Lunar New Year 2022


Photo by Jackie Buktaw

Lunar New Year Decorations

Lunar New Year was celebrated this year on Feb. 1 across Asia. Lunar new year is celebrated once a year on a different date depending on when the new moon appears. Many different countries in Asia celebrate this holiday including China, Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand and the Philippines. 

Different families have different ways of celebrating this holiday, some have family gatherings and some go to festivals.

Many stores and restaurants decorate and sell lunar new year themed decorations and foods. Decorations can be put up at home to encourage luck. Different traditional foods can also be eaten on new year’s day to have luck such as noodles and dumplings.

“Lunar new year is pretty important to me, since it’s a time of celebration and bonding with family.” said sophomore Jocelyn Chang.

Chang continues by saying that she went out for dinner with her family and watched a Chinese show. She also says that she called her extended family in China to wish them a happy new year and to catch up with them.

Some people also have traditions that they keep within the family. This day is very festive and considered one of the most important celebrations of the year, it is mainly to gather honor and have luck for the new year.