Electives Options are Overwhelming to Students


Photo by Addy Welz

Some of the elective options here at Freedom.

Addy Welz

Within Freedom High School, there are many different electives that are available for students. 

The electives that are offered for freshmen are limited. As students get into sophomore year more electives become available, but when students become juniors and seniors there are more elective options to the point where there are classes that students do not know exist. 

There are both positive and negative things that come with all of these electives.

One positive thing that comes from all of the different electives is that students can find classes that they find interesting and can learn more about the topics that they are interested in.

On the flip side of this, there are only eight blocks within the school day that become filled with mandatory classes and students do not get to take all of the electives that they want to take. 

Another thing that comes with these electives is the fact that most of the students do not know what classes exist. There are also many different electives that surprise students when they find out that they are offered. 

“An elective that surprised me was etymology” said sophomore Caitlin Wagner.

Although there is a great amount of electives offered it is often hard to figure out what to take as a student.