FHS Students Reveal Fast Food Favorites


Photo provided by Insider.

Photo provided by Insider

Hope Nguyen, Staff Writer

Everyone loves fast food or at least most people do. In America, a nation known for it’s fatty and greasy corporate chain restaurants such as McDonalds, people have been to fast food restaurants at least once in their life, and they all probably have a favorite.

The question is, which ones though? Perhaps it’s the rising southern style Chick-Fil-A, or the delicious and somewhat healthy Taco Bell. Better yet, maybe it’s one of the biggest icons of America itself, McDonalds. Only students at Freedom High School can tell.

“I eat out once a week at least,” said sophomore Marz Pugh.

According to a 2018 study, 37% of Americans eat fast food regularly. An unsurprising fact when looking at the high rates of obesity compared to every other country in the world. 

“I eat out two times a week,” said sophomore Sam Cottrell.

When looking at what people’s favorite fast food places are, each person seems to have a specific reason why one restaurant or chain is preferred above others.

“I like Panera Bread,” Cottrell said. “I like their mac and cheese.”

A common factor pertaining to a person’s favorite food must come into priority when it comes to fast food establishments. 

“My favorite is Burger Shack,” Pugh said. “They have tater tots.”

According to Cottrell, what makes or breaks a good fast food place depends on three things.

“It’s inexpensive, healthy, [and] tastes good,” Cottrell said. 

While some people will prioritize the practical aspects when it comes to picking a restaurant, others will value selection.

“If they have tater tots [I’ll go there],” Pugh said. 

The two had very strong opinions on the important aspects of what every fast food place should have.

“Mac and cheese [and] water,” Cottrell said. 

While water in a cup is already free in many fast food places, some don’t have it. There is a law in some states where restaurants can’t charge customers for tap water, with the belief that every person has a right to clean drinking water. This factor alone can bring in people to certain companies, because they might favor the conveniency of not paying for a drink.

“[Every fast food should have] tater tots,” Pugh said. 

It’s apparent that fast food chains are as popular as ever, and that they will continue to be so in the future. Perhaps in the future more establishments will take on a more health conscious route, or add more items to their menu, but time will only tell.

At the present, it’s clear that Freedom High School students, or at least sophomores, love their fast food chains.