Ukrainian Fighter Pilot Potentially the First Flying Ace Seen in More Than 30 years

Video made by youtuber "Milky Way"


Image provided by Albawaba

Depiction of the Ghost of Kyiv.

Tyler Byrd, Staff Writer

With war breaking out in Eastern Europe, the clock ticks one second closer to midnight. Blood spills upon the soil of Europe as the people of Ukraine face an invasion from the Russian Federation. In this time of horrific conflict, the world is darker than ever. Response from other nations around the world have been weak at most, with many declaring economic sanctions on Russia and nothing more. In this time of chaos though, there exists a legend in the making. A phantom that flies above the skies of Kyiv, protecting the land below from the might of the Russian Air Force. This pilot has grown a following online and within the forces in Ukraine, and has earned the name, “Ghost of Kyiv.”

Reports have been rare on the Ghost, with many still not being able to confirm his existence, but it is claimed that this solo pilot has downed six Russian Aircraft in the span of 24 hours on Feb. 24, the day the invasion began. The pilot is said to fly in a MiG-29 fighter jet, the main fighter used by the Ukrainian Air Force. The Ghost of Kyiv has gained mythical status with both those within Ukraine, and beyond.  Many videos are already appearing online showing what people believe to be ‘The Ghost’, many of these videos with music edited over to place emphasis on the pilots near mythical status.

According to one, much shared post, the pilot has already downed two Russian SU-35’s, one SU-27, an enemy MiG-29, and two SU-25’s. If these reports are true, than that would make the Ghost of Kyiv the first flying ace since 1986, with five confirmed aircraft kills being required to become a flying ace. No matter if these rumors are true or not, the effect of the Ghost has already been seen, with the legend serving as a symbol to the people of Ukraine and the world as a whole.