Bathroom Vandalism an Issue at Freedom High School


Photo by Jackie Buktaw

Closed boys bathrooms at Freedom High School Due to Vandalism

Jackie Buktaw, Staff Writer

Recently, many of the boys bathrooms at Freedom High School have been vandalized, causing only one of the main bathrooms to be open. This issue has caused problems for both students and teachers.

“It is an inconvenience to everyone, limited people are allowed to use the bathroom and it takes so long for them to come back,” said sophomore Vicky Sim.

Sim continues by saying that there is no way to completely prevent students from vandalizing the bathrooms, however, the school can keep better track of the people that do this in order to prevent those certain students from vandalizing in the future. She also says that students are not allowed to use the restroom during third and seventh block classes and do not want to use their lunch time to use the bathroom.

“They’re out of class which causes them to miss out on learning,” said Nick Schwarz, a Physical Education teacher. “They also have to be constantly observed, and I think that the students lack freedom when they have to be monitored all the time. It is also a burden when there is a long line in the bathrooms. I think we should be mature young adults and be able to use the bathroom appropriately, we need to work together to have trust in each other. It isn’t fair to the custodians for the students to have to work hard to keep the building clean and those few people are ruining it for all the other 2,000 students.” 

Schwarz continues by saying that in order to prevent vandalism, everyone needs to work together as a school and become responsible for taking good care of the school building and being respectful towards the people that put effort into creating a clean and safe environment for students and staff.