Sophomores Participate in the 1984 Game

Big Brother is always watching

The party leader icon, otherwise known as big brother.

Photo by Addy Welz

The party leader icon, otherwise known as big brother.

Addy Welz, Staff Writer

Every year the sophomore English honors classes take part in the 1984 game. The game lasts for about a week and the students are given a list of rules that they must “live by” from the moment they walk into the building until 4:03 p.m. when the final bell rings. 

The game is a dystopian game in which the staff tries to recreate a paranormal world where the students are always being watched and always have to follow the directions of the party leader. 

Although the game is a creative way of showing students how to relate to the different texts they will be reading, it constantly made different teachers annoyed with the students. 

“I felt very conflicted when teachers would obviously be annoyed with us, but I did not want to face the repercussions of not following the rules,” said a student who chose to remain anonymous for the precautions of the game.

The repercussions of not following the rules for the English students is for every violation they would receive (rule they would get reported for breaking) they would get a page added to their final reflection paper that they are required to write. 

The game started off with everyone following the rules, but as the week went on more and more people began to rebel and stop caring about the rules. 

Along with people rebelling there were also some people who started rebellions to act as a double agent and find more people to turn in.  

This year the game lasted for four days and by the end of it most of the participants learned many different lessons.