Freedom Students Are Continuing Their Athletic Career


Photo provided by Chong Chung.

FHS Junior Ryan Marohn pitching against Riverside.

Emily Marohn, Staff Writer

Athletics are held at a high standard at Freedom High School. As students start to approach junior and senior year, they begin to think about their future and where their athletic career may take them. Colleges are constantly scouting and looking out for their next best player, even as young as freshmen. 

There are challenges in every sport. Junior Ryan Marohn has been playing baseball since he was 3 years old. In the beginning of April in 2021, he had a challenging injury that he had to push through.

“Breaking my arm and coming back stronger,” said Marohn.

Freedom students do not let one obstacle throw them off. Before Marohn’s injury, he was throwing 85 mph. Now, he is throwing 93 mph as a junior pitching for Freedom High School. Marohn is currently committed to NC State to play Division 1 baseball, he will be in their graduating class of 2027. 

Marohn’s advice to students that are currently talking to colleges about their future careers is, “pressure makes diamonds.”

Senior athlete Jody Chu has also decided to continue her lacrosse career through college. She’s been playing lacrosse since she was 9 years old and later discovered she had a natural talent in playing goalie. 

“I really like playing the sport and I wanted to bring it to a higher level,” said Chu. “I’m really excited to closely bond with a team and to play with and against really high level athletes.”

As Chu prepares herself for the graduating class of 2026 at Canisius College, she thinks about how she’s excited to learn and the new opportunities this path will bring her. 

Her advice to athletic students beginning to talk to colleges is, “BE PATIENT and BE OPEN and try your best to reach out to the coach A LOT. Connect with them and stay in touch. In regards to even talking to a coach, put yourself out there. Make a recruiting profile and constantly email colleges to look at your highlights or come to your games. BE CONFIDENT IN YOURSELF,” Chu said.