What do teachers do over the summer?

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Freedom High School in the summer.

Adian Kruk, Staff Writer

Summer is approaching rapidly, just a little bit longer until students are freed from doing school work. However, not just students get off for summer, so do teachers. So what do teachers do over the summer? Pretty much the same things as students, with an increase in freetime they can focus on their hobbies more than they would during the school year.

“I usually work a baseball camp, and I have a summer showcase team where we travel around and play college campuses and play tournaments where college coaches can come watch high school baseball players,” said Andy Devitt, FHS P.E. teacher and baseball coach.

However the summer is not a full free period for teachers, teachers have to return to school earlier than students in order to set up their classrooms, or work out lesson plans. In fact many teachers complete or change their lesson plans over the summer to better fit the coming school year.

Teachers also get out of school later than students, having to take down what they have put up in their classrooms. The end of the year is also hard for teachers having to grade late work submitted by students procrastinating because of the summer approaching rapidly.