Freedom Students Share Their Dream Vacations


Photo provided by Travel Channel

Photo of beach in Hawaii provided by Travel Channel

Hope Nguyen, Staff Writer

Summer is coming. The first summer in a long time since COVID-19 that people can afford to travel. Borders have largely been reopened around the world lending for many loads of opportunities for vacation destinations. With restrictions in tourist destinations loosening, more people making travel plans, and anxiety about COVID-19 decreasing, the 2022 summer is starting off on a high note. Many students from Freedom will also be traveling either inside the country or outside.

For those who aren’t, they are open to sharing where they would go if they could.

My dream vacation-Europe in general. All of Europe,” said sophomore Jana Kandagiri.

Many primarily European countries have long been popular vacation destinations. As of 2022, many nations are opening their borders for tourists, including but not limited to the UK, Italy, France, Germany and more.

It’s a very diverse place. You can go to one [place] and it’s completely different from the other,” Kandagiri said. 

Europe is a continent of 44 countries, all with different languages, cultures, cuisines and ways of life. That’s not to mention the beautiful nature and old architecture to explore for those not familiar with such surroundings. It’s a treasure box of places to visit at least once in your life.

I would visit every country and try the cuisine, see the monuments,” Kandagiri said.

But Europe is not only Western Europe. Southern European countries are also filled with promise and adventure.

[I’d] go to Greece,” said sophomore Jumana Al Khyat.

Greece, a nation known for its many islands, ancient landmarks and coastal beaches is a perfect place to vacation in if you’re the historical type who has an eye for art and adores architecture.

“It’s ancient, and I want to take pictures,” Al Khyat said.

It’s also perfect for those who simply want to kick back and party.

“[I’d] eat [Greek] food, go clubbing and drink alcohol,” Al Khyat said. 

A bigger question, however, what would people bring with them while traveling?

[I’d bring my] clothes, my phone, a suitcase, [and] my passport,” Kandagiri said. 

[I’m taking] my passport, my credit card and my boyfriend,” said Al Khyat. 

But whoever said traveling has to be solo? While vacationing alone is becoming more normalized nowadays, many still find it fun to plan a vacation with others to share the experience and sights together.

I’d [definitely] want to go with my friends,” Kandagiri said. 

While some may choose to go with their friends or boyfriends or girlfriends, others choose family.

I’d go with my brother,” Al Khyat said. “Because he’s fun and he can drive me.”

These vacations are of course, only fantasies, at least for now. Making your dream vacation a “must-do” on one’s bucket list is a big commitment that involves planning, packing, and saving money. Is it all worth the effort? Are Freedom students willing to make their dreams a reality?

Yes, I’m definitely gonna go someday,” Kandagiri said.

Yes, 100% I wanna go back it’s so nice,” Al Khyat said. “Not in the summer [though].”

The summer of 2022 is starting out in high hopes. It is sure to be filled with loads of sunshine, adventure, and will be a much needed break from all the crazy events happening in the world.

Will next year’s summer be even better? Who knows. For now, the season has begun, and is waiting to be fulfilled.