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Homecoming Week Day Four: And the winner of the 2018 Hallway Decoration Competition is…

Senior hallway performers commemorate their last hallway decoration competition with a group photo.

The Freshman Hallway

The freshman class was given the theme of Wild West for their hallway. On Sept. 26, a few students stayed after school to transform the 500 halls with a railroad, blue skies and a saloon.

Freshman Class President Sam Yousef had a specific vision for the hallway.

“My vision is for the first section to have something like a fake bar and stools everywhere reflecting the mood of old western,” Yousef said. “For our other section we’re going to have a railroad and a fake robbery. I also want to make a cowboys vs aliens section with a UFO.” 

Due to a shortage of help and participation, the freshman class was not able to completely fulfill their ideas and came in fourth place for the hallway decorating contest.

The Sophomore Hallway

Welcoming the judges to the “Saucemores” hallway was none other than Sophomore Class President Alex McMillin. McMillin took us through the explosion of sci-fi thematic elements which were the theme of this year’s sophomore hallway.

The first section of the hallway was turned into a scene straight out of “Star Wars” with an epic battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

The hallway flipped to the Upside Down as Eleven from “Stranger Things”, blasted the Demogorgon out of this dimension.

The judges took a trip to “Jurassic Park” and viewed a dinosaur, or more accurately, a student in an inflatable dinosaur costume. Pleased with the performance, the judges awarded the sophomore hallway with second place. It was a narrow miss, but the students appeared to enjoy decorating their hallway and working together.

The Junior Hallway

This year, the junior class’ homecoming hallway theme was thriller movies. They chose to focus on “Jaws,” “Scooby Doo,” “IT,” “King Kong,” “A Quiet Place” and “The Nun.” Morning planning meetings took place throughout the last couple weeks, but the construction began as soon as the 4:03 p.m. bell rang on Wednesday, Sept. 26. Members of the junior class came together in the 200 hallway and began painting and taping for six hours.

The hallway begins with a walk through the mouth of “Jaws.”  Bloody handprints cover the paper sand as an actor gets pulled away from the scene by an unknown predator.

Exiting “Jaws,” you walk in to “Scooby-Doo” where you’re greeted by Mystery Inc. They ask for your help to solve their investigation while “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?” blares through a speaker.

Fred, Velma, and the rest of the gang bring you through scenes from IT, where a creepy clown busts through a table covered in paper to look like a sewer. Before you can react to the scare, a member of the junior class dressed as a gorilla begins pounding on his chest King Kong style. Shaggy feeds him Scooby snacks to tame the gorilla, and then you begin walk into a quiet place.

Silently tip toeing through the woods made from paper, you eventually enter the home of the nun, who is terrorizing the previous beach goer from “Jaws.” Velma runs to rip off his hood, only to find out it’s the one and only Ben Gibson, one of Freedom High School’s  AP US History teachers. The juniors came in third place behind the sophomores and seniors.


The Senior Hallway

The Homecoming Hallway competition of 2018 has been one of the most intense in years, but with a razor thin margin, the seniors came out victorious. The musical theme resulted in decorations from “Singing in the Rain,” “Mary Poppins,” “Grease,” “The Greatest Showman,” “Lion King” and “High School Musical,” where the judges were treated with a performance of  “We’re All in This Together.” There’s been an abundance of school spirit shown throughout the week as everyone really came together to construct the winning hallway.

The Race for the Spirit Stick

As of Thursday Sept. 27, the senior class leads all classes in spirit points with 978 points. Trailing closely behind is the sophomore class with 896 points. All points go towards determining who will leave the Homecoming Pep Rally with the spirit stick.


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