JV football team takes a break


JV players warm up after halftime to finish the Oct. 9, game against Rockridge.

Madison Roney

The quarterback cradles the ball in one strong arm, raises it up and puts all of their strength into the last throw. Across the field, the ball is caught and the committed player sprints across the field, making the last touchdown. The JV cheerleaders scream and shout for the great play.

Football is a sport that encourages school spirit. It is a perfect way to spend a Friday night when one has nothing to do. However, there are not just games on Friday. What about the JV team?

“The entire football program is a varsity football team,” JV coach Nick Schwarz said. “We would like to eventually have the numbers to be able to have a set varsity and a set JV.”

Who plays in the JV game is determined based on the amount of reps players participate in the varsity games and who needs extra help. JV games usually occur every Monday or Tuesday, but lately the games have been sporadic.

“It is very difficult for these JV kids to be varsity players, practice with the upperclassmen to get them ready for games on Friday, and then turn it around and be ready to play on Monday,” Schwarz said.

Because of this, Schwarz, athletic trainer Andrew Lee and athletic director Brad Bauder decided to cancel the JV game with Tuscarora on Oct. 9. Schwarz, Lee and Bauder will decide the direction of the team on a week to week basis with the best interest of the players in mind.

The JV team has been picking it up with sophomore James Field and sophomore Brandon Hall scoring touchdowns in the first half of the game against Rock Ridge on Oct. 1. 

“Even though we lose week after week, we are becoming stronger and smarter varsity players,” Field said.

Each week, with the constant practice and will of the football team, they continue to work hard and perform better. One touchdown was made in the first JV game of the season, and now the football team scores two to three touchdowns every game.

“We don’t have as many athletes as we would like to, so we have to make up for that by being smart, trying to limit as many mistakes as possible and just playing smart football,” Schwarz said. “Hopefully that will turn around with us and we will be able to get our first win of the season soon.”

The JV football team will visit Broad Run on Oct. 17.