Changing school history; Introducing Women’s Studies!

Learn about the history of feminism, and get the chance to voice your opinions.


Photo by Sadie Porter

Sanjna Rachakonda, Nayana Raut, Evelynn Frisbee, and Angeline Jackson in Women’s Studies reading a poem entitled “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid.

Sadie Porter, Writer

This is the first year that Freedom High School has offered a woman/gender studies class, and it’s a pretty big hit among not just female students, but all students.

The class is taught by Rebecca Kline, who runs the class in mostly a discussion based style, which gives students a chance to voice their opinions on topics regarding women’s rights, women empowerment and recent news that students may relate to. This class not only talks about basic feminism and sexism, but it dives deep into how racism intertwines with sexism, causing women of color to face more discrimination on a daily basis.

According to senior Sanjna Rachakonda, her favorite part about the class is, “learning about other woman’s experiences, and how racism goes into sexism.”

Students get a chance to share personal stories and opinions to a close knit and supportive class.

Many students come out of class with a new perspective regarding feminism.

“This class taught me to recognize the racial aspects of feminism because they usually get brushed under the rug,” said senior Ava Trenum.

Not only does this class teach young women about empowerment and important females in history, but it provides and safe space for students of any gender identity and sexual orientation. 

Although the class is open to anyone, many have noticed there is a lack of male students in the class.

Many girls aren’t surprised by this, since “women” is in the title, but senior Angeline Jackson said, “they should be educated on feminism and the history of women’s struggles.”

Juniors and seniors are eligible to participate in Women’s Studies.