Students Have Mixed Feelings About the 10 Minute Break


Photo by Hannah Joo

Long line of students waiting to get a snack during the break

Hannah Joo, Staff Writer

Starting in the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, a 10 minute break in between first and second blocks was added to give an additional break time to students. The usual amount of time students got before was five minutes to get to their next class on time. Many students would rush to their next class without having any spare time for extra movement.

During this break, students were encouraged to use the bathroom, catch up with friends, or grab a snack from either the cafeteria or snack carts. Due to the late lunch times for some students, snack carts were added and available for purchase in the cafeteria.  Although having some extra time to move around may sound beneficial for students, they ended up having mixed feelings for the break.

“I think it’s nice to have more time in between first and second block, but it’s just an extra five minutes to get to class that only happens between the first and second classes, so it doesn’t really do anything” said junior Anthony Pham.

Another student, junior, Erin Yoo, said, “I was happy when they added a couple more minutes so I could go to the bathroom or get a snack, but it really didn’t feel like any extra time to do anything and I was very tight on time because the hallways were more crowded.”

Several other students had a mix of both positive and negative thoughts on the break. This was the first 10 minute break Freedom High School had added to the schedule ever since the 2019-2020 school year when the current seniors were freshmen.