Student athletes decide if practicing before of after school is more effective


Photo by Michael Baker III

The FHS girls field hockey team practicing before a game.

Sunny Panthangi, Staff writer

For sports, practice is extremely important. It takes time and dedication. Whether that means to wake up at 4-5 a.m. or staying at school until 7-8 p.m. Games take place almost everyday and traveling from school to school is even more time consuming. To fit practice with games, some teams have morning practice but since there are a large number of teams and sports, some decide to hold practice in the morning.

Some players prefer morning practice because it gives them time to focus on work or family time after school. Student athletes emphasized they felt more accomplish and fulfilled the whole day.

“It’s done in the morning, so you can do more in the day and go home early,” said Christina Nguyen, freshman volleyball player.

Others prefer after school practice because the weather is more like a sport type climate. It also helps them to focus.

Freshman volleyball player Sashmika Veliveli stated after morning practices she was more tired throughout the day.

Freshman Gianna Eastridge, is on the FHS Track & Field team, stated morning practice, ” helps me focus more” and ” keeps me calmer.”  The majority of players agree that morning practices are more practical, provides more time in the day, and helps players stay more focused.