Students Take a ‘Road Trip through America’ Decorating the Hallways for Homecoming


Photo by Amelia Lee

Tk Nguyen, Lyndsay Lemmerman, Tanya Inaganti, Charlotte Maloney and Gabriela Cordero decorate their junior class wall during hallway decorating.

Zayna Jamil and Amelia Lee

Freedom High School students enjoyed decorating their class hallways for the homecoming 2022-2023 spirit week on Wednesday, Sept. 13.

The theme for this year was Road Trip to America. Seniors had northwest, juniors had southwest, sophomores had southeast and freshman had northwest. Decorating lasted from 4-10 p.m. after school and judging occurred the next morning, with the senior class taking first place.


Photos by Zayna Jamil and Amelia Lee. 

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