Were the Homecoming Spirit Days successful?


Photos by Hazel Nguyen]

Students dress up for Class Color Day (top left and right), Perfect Pair Day (bottom left), and Class Theme Day (bottom right)

Hazel Nguyen, Design Editor

Everyone has been complaining about the Homecoming Spirit Days, but in all honesty, they weren’t that bad. I do admit some were challenging to participate in, but some turned out pretty well.

Most people didn’t realize that Zoom Day was a quirky version of Pajama Day. From advertisements, it seemed that the only option was to wear a suit and pajama bottoms, but your average high school student doesn’t regularly have that outfit combination picked out. However, it was a really creative idea and timely to our recovery from the pandemic! 

Perfect Pair Day, my personal favorite, was a good recovery from the lack of participation in Zoom Day. Nothing made my day better than seeing adorable pairings of salt and pepper, M&M, and even Perry the Platypus and Dr. Doofenshmirtz. 

Then, on a typical Wednesday morning, the library was more flooded than ever, where everyone rushed to print band pictures and slap it on their shirts. Life Anthem Day stood out the least to me; it was a good effort on behalf of Freedom students, but its general idea was kind of underwhelming.

Yet, just like that, Freedom Students underwent a smooth recovery on Class Theme Day! There were many outfits from regions of the country I didn’t even know had a typical attire, such as the northwest. I don’t think I’ve seen that much plaid in my life. Ever. 

And finally, the award for the highest participation probably goes to Class Color Day! Everyone was completely decked out in their class gear, which I did not expect at all. Even those that did not participate all week were sporting their class color with pride.

As a final verdict, I would say that Freedom students gave a valiant effort for the peculiar yet successful Spirit Days.