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YouTube is taking over, and that’s the tea

Sophomore Bailey Elliot enjoys watching Emma Chamberlain when she has a break from school work.

From tutorials to energetic vlogs, the world of YouTube has grown to supply a variety of content. Although there are many types of videos and influencers enjoyed by viewers, the teenage demographic has focused on a few YouTubers they watch on a regular basis.

Shane Dawson, who has been creating content on YouTube for 10 years, has created a platform that many say has replaced TV. Dawson has provided his subscribers with a docuseries that have three to nine parts, and are around 45 minutes each. Each episode dives deeper into the subject, allowing him to share untold stories and facts with his audience. Sophomore Emma Slate promptly watches the newest episodes, such as the recent docuseries on Jake and Logan Paul. 

Makeup channels have increasingly grown in the past few years as well. James Charles, who was the first male CoverGirl, has gained over 9 million subscribers in under 3 years. Charles not only creates makeup videos that have reached up to 16 million views, but has also strongly influenced the language used by teenagers. 

Sophomore Grace Pounder enjoys using the terms “sisters” and “love that for us”, which Charles commonly uses in his videos to add a comedic effect, when talking to her friends. 

“[Lingo] travels fast, like if someone on YouTube says something, everyone’s going to start saying it,” said freshman Caitlin Aldorisio.

Posting multiple times a week, YouTuber David Dobrik represents a unique take on vlogging. Pounder enjoys Dobrik’s content due to his extroverted video style and comedic abilities. The enthusiasm in his whole vlogs is what makes him unique and distinctive to viewers. 

“[Dobrik] showcases his life and doesn’t hide anything,” Aldorisio said.

YouTube is the main platform of these creators, but they also share their life on other social media apps such as Instagram and Twitter. This creates more of connection between content makers and their fan. YouTuber Emma Chamberlain created her channel during the summer of 2016, and has hit over 5 million subscribers. She posts on Instagram around three times a week, allowing her audience to see her daily outfits. The clothing pieces she wears are often unique to what’s trending, and many of her fans try to mimic her distinct style.

“Emma Chamberlain has brought back the 90’s to 80’s look that people are starting to wear now,” Pounder said. “Everyone wants to have that style.” 

The YouTube community has created a new source of entertainment, which has influenced aspects such as fashion, slang, trends and humor. 

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