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Running: Harder than everyone thinks

Kate Rogers a freshman stretches after practice. Stretching after running is very important so you aren’t stiff the next day,

By: Maya Porter

Some people think that running doesn’t require a lot of effort, but it actually requires a huge amount of hard work.

Being a runner requires dedication, focus, time, effort, stamina and resilience; no matter the weather, practice is always held outside. Not many people know the extent of the work that goes into running, which is why people may not believe that it requires a lot of effort. Senior Camy Delean, a member of the varsity cross country and track team, believes one reason that people think running isn’t hard is because they haven’t tried the sport before.

Running is very physically demanding. And despite what some people may think, it’s not just about getting up and going on a run. Runners have to do core, strength training, arms, legs, icing your body, rolling out and cross training.

“With the training it’s going to take a certain toll on your body because the whole sport is running and it’s not like another sport where you can do a whole day of conditioning,” Coach Karen Richardson said. “Our skill is running, and we are centered around running. We have to be able to do that while protecting each athlete.”

Each runner is different, and they each have to do take injury prevention measures to prevent them from getting hurt. One of these measures is getting fit for the right running shoes. Because of different foot shapes and running styles, everyone needs a different type of shoe.

Having bad shoes could lead to injury, so getting the right shoes is very important. Richardson says that runners should definitely go get their foot fitted for a shoe so they can run smoother and avoid injuries.

“I prefer running because I like to be outdoors,” Freedom parent Ariane Porter said. “I think running is great for of exercise and you can be anywhere and do it.”

Workouts other than running are part of typical preparation for races. At the beginning of the season, workouts are strategically placed to achieve peak body fitness before important races.

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