Academic Support Center Offers Extra Help to Students


Photo by Keira McDowell

ASC Tutors Keyra Ogura, Melanie Nguyen and Kaylee Parker working on school work in the Academic Support Center while waiting for students.

Keira McDowell, Staff Writer

The Academic Support Center is a school resource available to students who may need assistance with their schoolwork. It is available every block except for during A lunch in classroom 305.

“Students can either walk in during their study hall blocks, and then they can sign in, or their teachers can send them and they fill out a request form that’s located on the Freedom High School website,” said Susan Nigro, Academic Support Center sponsor.

Once students reach out for help, trained tutors are available to help in a variety of subjects from core subjects such as English, social sciences and math to other classes such as foreign languages. Each tutor is trained to offer specialized help in their certain subject.

“We’ve got some really great tutors here. They’ve been trained to tutor in all different categories,” Nigro said.

Instead of directly doing the math or editing a paper for a student, tutors try to help students develop their own skills so they can grow as students. These skills can be things such as how to improve analyzing or writing skills for an English or history paper.

“I hope that students feel comfortable coming and asking for help. I know something that’s really hard for students to do. This is supposed to be a very open and non threatening kind of forum where students help other students so you know, just feel free to walk in and ask,” Nigro said.