Permanent daylight savings time has its benefits

Picture created from word of the week.

Picture created from word of the week.

Sophia Azam, Staff Writer

On March 16, 2022, the U.S. Senate approved a bill to make daylight saving time permanent in various states. Meaning the clocks will not be changed twice a year starting in 2023. From now on, all states will follow daylight saving time year-round.

A permanent daylight savings time be permanent has many benefits. One of them is that people can enjoy outside activities for a more extended time. Now with the clock staying the same all year round, people can walk their dogs, go on walks and run an extra hour longer. According to REUTERS, supporters of the bill have said that permanent DST would let children play outside for longer, which can also apply to people of any age.

Daylight saving time will not alter sleep patterns. People will not have to alter their sleep or change the children’s bedtimes.

Northwestern medicine states that the annual clock change can disrupt a person’s circadian rhythm. They are causing people not to receive enough sleep and be drowsy for the rest of the day. Since daylight savings time is permanent, people should be able to sleep each day of the year soundly without disturbing their circadian rhythm.

Permanent daylight savings time also lessens the number of car accidents. According to Britannica, daylight saving time being permanent will cause fewer car accidents. Car accidents are less likely to happen during daylight due to being able to see their surroundings, which is good. After all, countless lives can be saved. It will be easier for bike riders and walkers because they will have less chance of getting hit by a car due to drivers being able to see more clearly.

Daylight saving time being permanent is an excellent idea because it has many benefits, including healthy sleep habits, fewer car accidents, and staying outside longer.