Dressing Up For a Cause

Ask me about my dress!


Photo provided by Sadie Porter

Angeline Jackson, Sadie Porter, Nayana Raut and Evelynn Frisbee dressed up for Dressember.

December is not just a month full of holidays, gifts, and celebrations, it’s also Dressember!

Dressember is an organization that raises money and awareness about human trafficking and provides support to the many victims.

Wearing a dress (or a tie) everyday for the month of December helps support this world wide issue that most people tend to push out of their minds, due to the intensity of it.

Dressember also supports sustainable fashion, because many victims of human trafficking are sought out through fast fashion factory work.

Since 2013, the Dressember campaign has raised $16 million for their cause. All of the proceeds go to a multitude of anti-trafficking sources around the world.

“Dressember gives me the opportunity to spread awareness and educate others about human trafficking, since it is the second largest criminal industry in the world,” Ava Trenum said.

Human trafficking is not just a “women’s issue” that men and others don’t need to worry about. What men may not know, is that around 20% of trafficking victims are male.

People may not understand what simply wearing a dress/tie will do for anti-trafficking, but sometimes showing support is enough. Trafficking victims are everywhere, and if they see someone dressed up this month, they will feel a sense of hope and solidarity.

“It may be freezing outside, but imagine what victims of trafficking are going through,” said Evelynn Frisbee. “That is way worse than giving up pants.

This month gives a chance to expand school style, and step out of the comfort zone of sweatpants and sweatshirts.

If a donation isn’t applicable at this time, just know by wearing a dress, that is supporting something incredibly big and a difference is being made.