When is the Right Time to Play Holiday Music?


This is a popular Spotify playlist for the holidays! [Image provided by Hazel Nguyen]

Hazel Nguyen, Design Editor

As the holiday season begins, this heated debate is inevitable to arise amongst avid music listeners and those with holiday spirit!

Here is when Freedom High School students think is the right time to play holiday music: 

“I think holiday music can be played before Halloween or whenever you’re in the holiday spirit,” said senior Summer Grace Garcia.

October and November, the months prior to December (the prime time of holiday music), celebrate popular holidays such as Halloween, Diwali, Thanksgiving, and more. Holiday music can also be played to celebrate the general holiday spirit, not exclusively for a specific holiday. For that reason, some students believe it is never too early to play some good old-fashioned Mariah Carey! 

However, Mason Ramboyong, a junior at Freedom High School, said, “You have to wait until after Thanksgiving or the week of. If you play music longer than a month, it waters down Christmas.” 

Other students believe that December is the rightful time to play holiday music because many of them celebrate Christmas. Playing Christmas music after Thanksgiving represents the passage of other important holidays and gives special attention to one of the most popular holidays of the year. 

Freedom students may have differing opinions about getting into the holiday spirit, but nonetheless, there is always a good spirit of inclusivity with the celebration of different holidays, religions, and backgrounds. This makes celebrating the holidays the most wonderful time of the year!