Students Share Favorite Holidays

Sophia Azam, Staff Writer

There are many holidays celebrated in America. Each holiday has a different meaning and value to people. Opinions on students’ favorite holidays can vary.

“My favorite holiday is Christmas because I like the family gatherings, and the gift-opening part is my favorite,” said freshman Ahanaa Kumar

Students enjoy Christmas because of spending time with family and receiving gifts.

Christmas is celebrated on Dec. 25. During Christmas, people will usually spend time with their loved ones. Traditionally, during Christmas, people give each other gifts to show appreciation. People will also participate in other traditions during Christmas, like watching movies, baking cookies, etc.

Another holiday that students enjoy is Halloween.

“My favorite holiday is Halloween because I like the candy and dressing up however I feel like,” said freshman Kayleigh Wang.

Many students love Halloween because they can be whomever they want for that night.

Halloween falls on Oct. 31, when people dress up in costumes and go door to door, getting free candy. People can dress up in whatever costumes they want, whether from a tv show, movie, book, etc.

Every holiday has a different sentimental meaning to students. While students might prefer one holiday over another, each holiday is enjoyed in its own way.