Which Is Better, Hot Or Cold?


Photo of Olaf provided by Disney

Some people prefer cold weather over warm.

Hope Nguyen, Staff Writer

When everyone was young, summer was everyone’s favorite season. But now that everyone’s grown up, everyone likes fall and winter. But why?

Here’s all the reasons one might prefer hot weather or cold weather, and which one is better.

Cold weather:

Starting off on a sour note, climate change is one of the main reasons. Climate change is making people cling onto the colder seasons more than they ever had before. The last few years have had people experiencing longer, hotter, and brutal summers that seem to grow bigger by the year. People always want what they can’t have, and the scarcity of colder weather makes seasons like fall and winter so enticing.

Another reason people like cold weather is because they have the chance to wear comfy clothes like hoodies, sweaters, and sweatpants all day. With the colder weather, people can bundle up in different layers of clothing to stay warm and cozy. There’s always the saying, if you’re cold you can just keep putting on more clothes. If you’re hot, you can only get so naked.

People may also prefer colder seasons because of the festivities that accompany them. Halloween and Thanksgiving in fall, New Years and Christmas in winter, etc. There are also specific seasonal traditions that come with the change in weather such as the beloved Starbucks PSL that comes out every fall as well as 

Now here come the cons:

Cold weather can be quite uncomfortable to experience. Getting out of bed when it’s freezing outside is a struggle, and walking outside can be a shock to your body. People who live in places with colder climates have to deal with shorter days, and may also experience seasonal depression due to the lack of sunlight. High heating bills is also a disadvantage that comes with the colder months. 

There is also a risk of getting sick due to illnesses like the flu and hypothermia. More people get sick in seasons like fall and winter too, which makes it more likely to catch a cold. The ice and snow that comes with storms can also cause dangerous driving and walking conditions, and may even cause accidents to occur.

Hot weather:

The first big reason why people like hot weather is there’s no school. There’s no reason to wake up early in the morning, no homework, no school-work, no tests, and also no grades. People like summer because they can spend the time relaxing and doing whatever they want that they weren’t allowed to do during school time. Because people are less busy during summer, more places open up as well like pools, amusement parks, and all sorts of different events.

Another reason why people may prefer hotter weather is it allows them to be active. Sunny days allow people to go outside and participate in activities like swimming, running, playing sports, etc. People are also more social in warmer weather, which leads to increased levels of happiness, because humans are naturally social creatures. Heat also allows people to relax, whereas the cold can make them tense.

Finally, hot weather is a great time to travel. Since the days are longer, people have more time to go out and enjoy themselves. They can travel to all sorts of different countries and experience different cultures. The nicer weather makes it easier to do things like hiking or camping as well. There’s also seasonal items to anticipate like the shamrock shake on St. Patrick’s day.

Now here come the cons

The biggest downside to hot weather is the heat. It can be unbearable in some places, and extreme exposure to UV rays can cause dehydration and sunburns. People can also be affected by pollution which is made worse in the summer due to the increased temperatures.

Summer can also be expensive. With an increased demand for activities and events, prices go up. People also have to pay more for air conditioning. Summer can also be dangerous at times. Different countries experience droughts, floods, or even hurricanes. These natural disasters can cause destruction and put others in danger. 

In my personal opinion, I prefer hot weather because I like summer and having time to myself to relax that I don’t have during the colder months. I also experience seasonal depression so the extra hours and sunlight definitely help to make me feel happier. I am also not a fan of wearing large jackets or puffer coats because they feel heavy and restricted, and the texture tends to make my hair frizzy and static. 

As someone who likes wearing skirts and dresses a lot, cold weather makes it hard for me to do so because sometimes it gets too cold to wear anything free flowing. I’m also not a big fan of pants.

Even as a person who doesn’t go out a lot, the fact the weather makes it uncomfortable to be outside for long amounts of time make me not like cold seasons like fall and winter because usually there are less things open, such as the pool or even public parks.

In the end, it’s just my opinion though, and for other people they may actually like cold weather for all the reasons I dislike it. Maybe they like going to school because they can talk to their friends and socialize. Maybe they like layering up because it keeps them toasty and warm. Maybe they aren’t interested in going outside and prefer to stay indoors. 

What matters is keeping yourself safe and comfortable no matter what temperature it is, and making sure to enjoy the season you’re in, whether it’s hot or cold.