School Offers More Than Just an Education


Phot by Mahi Parikh

The Cheer Team at Freedom enjoying cheering during the Homecoming Game of the 2022 season.

Mahi Parikh, Staff Writer

Complaining about having to go to school is a common topic of conversation for most students, but the most frequent response to that complaint is people explaining how important getting an education is. While that is important, most people haven’t thought of the other aspects of school that bring value. 

“Being able to build relationships with peers and learning real life skills such as collaborative working, creative thinking, and time management is important,” said sophomore Palak Sanghavi.

Without school, many people would miss out on a social element in their lives, as many students create most of their friends from school and school related activities, such as sports and clubs. Working with other people is one of the many skills that are taught in school and will be used throughout each person’s life. While people are an important aspect of school, so is the environment.

“I think changing your environment can give you benefits like perspective and an opportunity to reflect on your surroundings,” said sophomore Mahima Atmavilas.

Whether it is noticeable or not, some students have a difficult life at home that isn’t always easy to stay content in. Having a change in environment can be beneficial for everyone to stay in a good mindset and have a fresh start to their day. 

“Many people might have felt a shift in their productivity and connection to their environment,” Atmavilas said. 

Sitting at home and in bed all day can make people not willing to work, but getting ready in the morning can help people, “feel refreshed and prepared for the day,” Atmavilas said.