New Year, New Me


Photo provided by Chase Phillips

Gyms start to fill up as the New Year begins.

Rachael Phillips, Staff Writer

In with new, out with the old. With the beginning of a new year, there is also the beginning of new ways and new traditions. Almost half of all Americans choose to make New Year’s Resolutions each year, however by the end of the year roughly only 9% feel as if they were successful with their goals. These resolutions come in all different forms and ways. 

“This year I plan on going to the gym and working out more often,” said sophomore AJ Felton.

Statistically shown going to the gym is the most popular resolution and over half of people who choose to make resolutions, chose going to the gym as theirs. Although this goal can be hard to obtain and most end up failing. 

“In order to stick to my goal, I plan on getting a year round membership to almost force me to go,” Felton said. 

While going to the gym or working out may be a very common and popular resolution, there are some less favored resolutions such as reading more often. 

“In 2023 my goal is to read 30 books, and I will do this by setting smaller goals and targets for each month,” said junior Anna Caron.

A study done by Harvard University showed that people who establish a plan early on in the year and people who break down their big dreams into small steps, are more likely to be successful with their New Year’s resolutions versus the ones who don’t. 

“I’m looking forward to this new year and believe it’s going to be a good one,” Felton said.