FHS Students Attend DECA Districts Competition at Lightridge


Photo by Mahi Parikh

The DECA bulletin board in room 407, showcasing the different aspects of the club and how to get involved.

Mahi Parikh, Staff Writer

DECA, or Distributive Education Clubs of America, is a club where students can compete in different competitions such as written events, partner roleplays, or individual role plays in business and marketing related topics.

Students are only able to join this club if  they are taking a business or marketing elective during the year. This club has a big community at Freedom High School, and many students showed up to the Districts Competition on Dec. 10 at Lightridge High School. 

One student that attended the competition was sophomore Kaushi Ellinedi who competed in HRM, or Human Resources Management. This is Ellinedi’s first year competing, but she was part of the club last year as a t-shirt member who volunteered and baked cookies.

“I think the checking in process could have been more organized so you know whether you have to stay in line or not,” Ellinedi said.

Ellinedi has decided to move on to the States Competition in Virginia Beach on March 3-5 in the partner event TTDM, or Travel and Tourism Team Decision Making. 

Saanvi Oberai, a sophomore, has competed for the first time this year, as well, in the event PMK, or Principles of Marketing. 

“I feel like I wasn’t prepared for how simple the prompt was, which doesn’t make sense, but it was way too simple which made me overthink more,” Oberai said. 

Oberai felt thrown off by the questions that the judges asked her towards the end of her roleplay and felt anxious afterwards. She doesn’t have any plans to continue on to the state competition this year.