Ranking the best Halloween treats


A Halloween candy bag full of treats.


A few popular Halloween treats ( Milky Way’s, Reese’s, and Hershey”s).

Halloween is almost here, and that means that many people are buying candy for parties or for trick or treaters. Candy is the probably the most common Halloween item that you see every year in stores. But what is the best Halloween candy out of them all?

Well, according to Candystore.com, the three best Halloween candies are  Reese’s cups, Snickers and Twix.  Thedaileymeal.com says that Reese’s is one of the most lovable candies because it gives off a Halloweenish theme by putting it out in pumpkin shapes.  Snicker bars, combination of nougat, caramel, peanuts and chocolate, give off great taste, which is why 2.2 billion pounds are sold to buyers. Finally, Twix is the number three favorite candy with its 63,284 pounds sold, because it is two cookies covered with delicious caramel and chocolate!  The rest of the candies are very good too, according to these websites, but they don’t quite measure up to these three.