The Perch has Everything an FHS Student Needs


Sadie Porter

Evelynn Frisbee checking out Sagara Thapa at The Perch.

Sadie Porter, Writer

Feeling hungry, thirsty, or in need of some Freedom merch, check out The Perch!

The Perch is also known as the school store, and it is ran by the advanced marketing students.

Laurie Rominski, the marketing teacher, buys tons of food and drinks to keep the store in stock throughout the school year.

Having the advanced marketing students run The Perch, gives the students who are serious about marketing and considering it as a career, an opportunity to understand how a business works.

“Working at The Perch gives me a better understanding of how retail operations work,” said senior Lauren O’Rourke.

O’Rourke has been taking marketing since she was a freshman, which she said has, “exposed [her] to the marketing and planning that goes into running a successful school enterprise.”

The money that is made from The Perch goes to DECA to help pay for competitions, events, technology and other expenses for the marketing classes.

“The store gives me experience in communications,” said senior Evelynn Frisbee.

Frisbee enjoys managing the school store because she is planning to go into a career in marketing.

To account for the amount is spent to stock The Perch, the prices are going to be a bit more than what they were originally. Although for the small price increase, the snacks and drinks stay under $3.

Running the store gives the upperclassmen students a chance to experience running a business, before pursuing marketing in college.