Freedom Swim Team Makes Waves Against Osborn Park

Freedom Recognizes Six During Senior Night


Photo by Amelia Lee

FHS Senior Kaylie Thompson and her parents were showered in bubbles after she was recognized for her time on the team.

Keira McDowell and Amelia Lee

Freedom High School swim team faced Osbourn Park High School in a swim meet on Jan. 21. The meet was a home meet at the Dulles South Recreation Center. Along with a meet, Senior Night also took place to recognize FHS seniors. 

The score for the women’s team was 146 to 139 with Osbourn in the lead. While the score for the men’s team was 158 to 127, again with Osbourn in the lead. This led to the score ending with Osbourn in the lead with 304 points compared to FHS’ 266 points. 

During Senior Night six FHS seniors were recognized for their time participating and competing for the FHS swim team. The six seniors were Caitlyn Jackson, Kaylie Thompson, Justin Koeneke, Sarah Kotisko, Tori Munn and Supreet Bonthala. 

Photos by Keira McDowell and Amelia Lee

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