“Wednesday” is a Show Worth Watching


Picture provided by Glamour.

Wednesday Adams from the popular show “Wednesday” on Netflix.

Sophia Azam, Staff Writer

Recently Netflix has come out with a new show called “Wednesday.” “Wednesday” is another remake of the beloved Addams family movies. The Addams family is adored by many, so there is no doubt that “Wednesday” would not be a hit. According to CNET, Wednesday has been streamed for over a billion hours. Anyone who is looking for a new show to watch should try “Wednesday.”

“Wednesday” is a show full of suspense and plot twists that will keep people on the edge of their seats. After the main character, Wednesday, gets expelled from her old school, she gets sent to a boarding school called Nevermore Academy. Nevermore Academy is a school for outsiders. 

During her time at Nevermore Academy, she struggles with controlling her psychic abilities, discovers secrets that have been kept hidden, trying to defeat a monster who is on a killing spree and solves a mystery regarding her parents while managing her new relationships.

The show “Wednesday” teaches the importance of friendship and that there is nothing wrong with being unique. Wednesday is a great role model because she teaches people that it is okay to stand out and not to give up. She does not care what people think about her and stays true to herself. As stated by CBR.com, the show teaches people that it is okay to be different. 

The show had many plot twists that many could not have expected. According to Variety, many people were surprised when the villain was revealed. 

“Wednesday” is a show that is worth watching. People who are fans of suspense and mystery will likely enjoy this show. There’s a reason why the show was watched over a billion times: the acting and the plot were all portrayed amazingly and deserve every ounce of popularity.