Freedom High School has a Variety of Humanities Electives

Zayna Jamil, Staff Writer

At Freedom High School, many electives have been added to the school curriculum and students have been eager to expand their horizon and take new classes that engage them in other learning pathways. An advancing pathway, the humanities and liberal arts, is becoming more relevant in today’s society, especially for young students at FHS.

More humanities electives have increased in popularity among high school students, especially since more of them have found a new appreciation for the variety of career pathways, such as those in social sciences, film, etc. At FHS, the majority of electives used to be more STEM and business based, but now, humanities electives have been added as well.

“Our school and community often emphasize STEM fields and it lacks the focus on humanities, so those who want to pursue the humanities don’t have as many resources as others do. I’m glad FHS is adding more humanities electives,” said sophomore Amelia Lee.

After a widespread popularity that grew after 2020, humanities has paved the way for many FHS students and their career goals. Now, FHS has added new electives such as Women’s Studies to the curriculum to engage students in more pathways than just STEM.

The addition of the variety of humanities electives to FHS has inspired students to form new ways of thought and knowledge and is an experience important to every student at this school.

Here are a list of humanities electives that are taught at FHS:

1. AP Human Geography

2. Newspaper Journalism

3. Film Studies

4. Women’s Studies

5. AP Psychology

6. African American History

7. Public Speaking

8. Creative Writing

9. Latin American History

10. World of Ideas

11. Yearbook

12. 21st Century Lit. Strat.