Students Find Places to Study Around South Riding


Photo by Hannah Joo

Juniors Anthony Pham and Melanie Nguyen take time after school to complete their work at the Gum Springs Library.

Hannah Joo, Staff Writer

Many students find places to complete their work or study for school outside of their own home. Whether it be a library or a cafe, students find that having a good environment to study can lead to their achievement or success. While everyone prefers a different study area, having a comfortable location to complete work can seem to benefit students in various ways.

Many Freedom High School students find that Gum Springs Library on Millstream Dr., is one of the most popular places to get work done. Whether it be with a friend of a group of friends, Gum Springs holds a large capacity with various rooms and sections of the library to study.

“I love going to the library right after school to get my work done because I think I’m the most productive there,” said junior Erin Yoo. “It’s so much easier to concentrate there especially because everyone around me is also studying. It’s also very clean environment which makes me enjoy going there even more.”

Another popular study spot, contrasting from a quiet, library setting, is Starbucks coffeehouse. There are several locations in the South Riding area and has a more busy environment. Many students prefer this loud environment and find it best fit for their studying.

“My favorite place to study besides home is probably Starbucks,” said freshman Christina Nguyen. “I like the busy environment and that I’m able to talk to my friend’s while studying. There’s also many location’s so it’s an easy go-to study spot. Whenever I go, there are always other people from Freedom that are also studying so I feel productive too.”

Along with the two most popular studying locations, students also find smaller, more unknown locations to get their school assignments done that work for them.