Tri-M is Freedom’s Music Honor Society


Logo for FHS Tri-M, Freedom’s music honor society.

Sunny Panthangi, Staff Writer

Honor societies bring like-minded individuals together based on academic excellence, interests and leadership abilities. FHS consists of many honor societies based on subjects. One honor society in particular is based off the interest of music. This honor society goes by the name Tri-m, unifying initials of Modern Music Masters, the original name from which the term Tri-M was derived.

Every instrument is accepted including band instruments, strings, and even one’s voice.

“Our main role at Tri-M is to provide different community opportunities that combine service with music,” said Anya Anand, senior and president of Tri-M. “Tri-M works to unite all students across the performing arts disciplines as well as the entire community.”

Whilst providing volunteering opportunities for members, Tri-M holds concerts and events showcasing their talent. In the winter, Tri-M holds an annual winter soiree, highlighting student performers. Tri-M also organises an annual event called Soda Shop.

“Soda Shop is an open-mic night type event. It’s such a great event since you can see your friends perform and even perform yourself,” said senior Prisha Singh, a member of Tri-M.

Events and concerts are all student based including organizing to executing to performing. Tri-M also gives back to the community. Money made from concerts and events are donated to charities such as St. Jude’s and music performance charities.

Singh also adds, “it provides more musical exposure, allowing me to Interact and meet people who are not in the same section of fine arts as you.”

Tri-M will be holding a Soda Shop on April 20.

“The spring soda shop is something you definitely do not want to miss,” Singh said.