AET Entrepreneurship: How Future Entrepreneurs Are Made


Provided by Shivani Sukumar.

Shivani Sukumar’s AET Entrepreneurship business’ Instagram page.

Amogha Chetla, Staff Writer

Academies of Loudoun offers various pathways of advanced learning for the high school students of Loudoun County. Academies of Loudoun include the Academy of Science (AOS), the Academy of Engineering and Technology (AET), and the Monroe Advanced Technical Academy (MATA). 

AET offers students to explore backgrounds in engineering, information technology (IT), and entrepreneurship (depending on the pathway chosen). Currently, there are students enrolled in the entrepreneurship pathway at AET from Freedom High School. 

Students who are enrolling in the entrepreneurship pathway participate in various activities that build marketing and business skills. In the future, these students will develop and oversee their own STEM related business. In AET, there are professional business mentors that help this process as well. 

Shivani Sukumar attends AET and is working on a business idea that revolves around creating clothes for children with autism.

“Originally, my group had a different idea to work on, but then we pivoted our idea to working on ‘ComfyFitz’,” Sukumar said. 

AET allows their students to adapt and evolve their ideas. This view on entrepreneurship inspires new, innovative, and creative ideas in young entrepreneurs. 

“AET really helps me decide what I want to do in the future because of the various opportunities we get to have.” Sukumar said.