Bubble Tea Place Opens Near FHS


Photo by Hazel Nguyen

Kokee Tea opens a mile from Freedom High School.

Hazel Nguyen, Design Editor

Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts: Which has better drinks? Most high school students have argued which is the best source of caffeine, but some may prefer other popular spots, such as Teahouse near Gum Spring Library. Teahouse is a popular spot to grab some boba tea, a sugary tea drink with delicious chewy tapioca balls at the bottom. Students, however, may be unaware of other hidden bubble tea gems around the county. 

Kokee Tea, a new boba tea and dessert cafe, recently opened one mile away from Freedom High School. For fans of Asian desserts and sweet drinks, Kokee Tea is a popular chain around the Fairfax and Springfield areas. 

“I specifically go out for boba for a quick refresher, since I volunteer after school,” said junior Aryana Dutt.

Kokee Tea is a short commute from Freedom, so right after school, Dutt can stop by Kokee Tea to grab a quick boost of energy before participating in after school events. Or, students can get a quick refresher before starting school. There are various drinks, caffeinated and decaffeinated, that are unique to their menu. 

“I love all the different types of bubble teas, especially their signature drinks,” said Jin Yim, an FHS biology teacher.

Specialty drinks, such as the Dream of Butterfly, a lemon-flavored pea tea with optional peach or strawberry flavoring, have been gaining some popularity. Dragon & Rose (a rose garden tea), Mango Passion Fruit Tea, and Georgia on My Mind (white peach oolong tea) are also other commonly ordered drinks. Kokee Tea also offers sweet foods, such as macaroons and croffles (croissant and waffle hybrid), which students rave about! 

Kokee Tea’s close location and wide selection makes it a place with great potential as a quick stop for food, refreshments and fun with friends among Freedom High School students.