Students Struggle with 90 Minute Class Blocks

Seventy minutes considered best length


Ninety-minutes classes seem to be too long to keep students motivated, but 70 minutes could be perfect. Picture provided from Sky News.

Sophia Azam, Staff Writer

A class period usually lasts 90 minutes in most schools, which is inadequate for students because it is too extensive. A 90-minute class block is very long, which can cause students to get easily distracted, lose focus, not pay attention, etc. According to Dispatch, having long classes can cause students to become unmotivated.

Seventy minutes is perfect for a class block because it is not extremely long or short, allowing students to learn without losing focus and still giving them enough time to complete their assignments. A class period should last for seventy minutes for various reasons, such as it keeps their attention better and it helps them create solid friendships.

A class that is 70 minutes long can keep the students’ attention superior to a class for ninety minutes because the teacher will usually keep the lesson concise since they will have less time. This is favorable for students because many struggle to focus for a long time. According to MANEUVERING, shorter class periods help students stay on task and focus.

Another reason why a class block should be seventy minutes long is that students will be able to form stronger friendships. Since students would see their classmates for a shorter time, they would want to use that time wisely and get closer to their peers. According to RUBICON, classes being shorter will help students strengthen their friendships.

A 70-minute class period has many benefits and is highly effective for students.