Freedom Welcomes Class of 2027


The Class of 2027 participated in a pep rally during a visit to Freedom High School. Photo by Sunny Panthangi

Sunny Panthangi and Amelia Lee

On Friday, March 31, Freedom high school welcomed class of 2027 into the building.

The students walked through the front doors and were greeted by the Spirit of Freedom Marching band and the FHS dance team. Students then made there way to the auditorium where they were welcomed by SCA president Rashmi Admala and SCA secretary Ann Cherian. They then watched a DECA fashion show, showcasing the school merch that can be found at the school store, the perch.

The eighth-graders then went on a tour of the school, which was led by Freedom ambassadors and visited elective and club booths. Students are allowed to explore different types of clubs such as debate, women in stem, DECA, and many other different clubs. Students then got to explore different sports they can be a part of. This includes sports such as soccer, field hockey, volleyball, etc.

Short after, the eighth-graders got to participate in their first pep rally. Games like grab the cup and  pass the hula hoop were played. They also got to watch performances done by FHS dance, colorguard, and K-pop.

Disclaimer: Below is a photo gallery of the Class Of 2027 Freedom Expo. If you repost any of the following photos, credit the website and the photographer.