New traffic pattern rides into Freedom


Freedom will have a new traffic pattern starting Monday, Oct. 29.


The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department and the Virginia Department of Transportation will change the after school traffic pattern starting Monday, Oct. 29.

“The sheriff’s office was concerned about some of the traffic flow on Riding Center, so they asked for VDOT to work with them to come up with a different pattern,” said Hope Casserly, FHS principal’s assistant and finance manager.


The main entrance is going to be blocked off in the afternoon. Individuals coming to pick up students must enter through the south entrance, and exit through the loop in the main entrance. Drivers are only allowed to turn right onto Riding Center.

“They wanted to make it safest for everybody,” Casserly said.

Members of the Freedom Eagle Leadership Team will be outside from 3:40 to 4:10 p.m. holding arrows to help direct traffic.

Click here for a diagram of the new traffic pattern