FHS Clubs and Activities Face Difficulties Regarding Sponsors


Photo provided by Zayna Jamil

Freedom High School’s Club promos on the FHS website.

Zayna Jamil, Staff Writer

At Freedom High School, many clubs and activities are searching for sponsors in order to have meetings, hold events and do various activities with their members. Without sponsors, clubs and activities are not able to continue their roles at FHS, since there are no adult supervisors to monitor meetings and/or outside-of-school events related to the club.

Due to a lack of clubs and activity sponsors, those which are usually teachers, many organizations at FHS have become inactive, no longer holding any events or meetings.

Organizations such as Mock Trial, Model United Nations, Podcast Club, Kind Club, Impact Club, Bollywood Beats, Cooking Club and JAM club are no longer active at FHS due to sponsoring issues and a loss of members.

“I have experienced many clubs and activities facing the issue of finding sponsors and it has definitely hurt the spirit of members,” said sophomore Aphomya Berhe.

Many members who are part of competitive clubs and activities have also lost sponsors, feeling like their efforts and preparation for future competitions lost its importance since they are not able to attend these competitions without an LCPS-sponsored chaperone.

“A lot of the preparation I have done for competitions has not been used and I feel like my work has gone to waste since I am not able to go to competitions without a sponsor for the club or activity,” Berhe said.

Although finding sponsors for clubs and activities have been difficult for the 2022-2023 school year, this situation may be different during the upcoming school years ahead.