Looking at the Positives and Negatives of Technology


Rachael Phillips

Chrombooks and phones are two common uses of modern technology. Photo by Rachael Phillips

Rachael Phillips, Staff Writer

Over the years technology has grown and gained fame tremendously. When the word technology is brought to mind, many think of phones or electronic devices. However technology stretches much farther than that and started many, many years ago.

“The wheel, antibiotics, and refrigerator are some of the best technology advances scattered throughout history,” said Matt Kaberline, English teacher. 

These are not typically the type of advancements people think about, but are so influential in our lives today, that once in time was not there. 

“My favorite use of modern technology is using my phone for communication and entertainment,” said sophomore Kendra Polomondo.

Nowadays phones are everywhere and with everyone. They can supply laughter, amusement and keep up to date with the latest news. However, while technology has helped so much in lives today, there are still negative effects that can often be overlooked. 

“I’m concerned about the addiction to phones and the subsequent breakdown of social interaction and human decency,” Kaberline said. 

This concern is a huge negative and contrary to the positive outlook of technology such as phones today. Although, while there may be an addiction to phones and electronic devices today, the usage of modern technology has shown to be positive in many ways.

Positives that immediately come to mind include the aforementioned ability to connect with people across long distances and  the promise of technologies that can help in the battle to save Earth from climate change catastrophes,” Kaberline said.