Students and Their Various Study Methods


Photo by Keira McDowell

FHS student Claire Duckett using her calendar document to organize her school work.

Keira McDowell, Staff Writer

Students have a variety of study and organization methods that work best with how they learn. Each student is unique with what works for them and helps them succeed.

“I personally like to plan out my days. If I have a lot to do, I like to put priorities. I decide which [assignment] is more important and which needs to be done first,” said sophomore Ayah Ibrahim.

Students have a variety of studying methods that work for them. Some students might be visual learners and benefit from reading, while others might benefit from writing or listening. Some might benefit from watching videos while others might need to write down information they are trying to learn, it all depends on the student. This leads to a variety of ways students learn and retain information to prepare for tests.

“I usually have my mom help me study with vocab words where she reads my notes to me and I have to fill in the blanks so I recognize [the information] more,” said sophomore Claire Duckett.

While other methods can be beneficial for students as well.

“I usually have all my notes out where I open all the documents that they’ve given us for the unit, and I like to review them first which gives me a little refresh of the topics. Then I will test myself and make sure that I understand what I’m learning.” Ibrahim said. “I won’t memorize everything but understand what’s going on such as the cause and effect in history.”

Along with knowing how to study, it is also an important task to organize and manage work in a way that works best for their students. Some students use a calendar or planner to keep on track of what they have while others may have different methods.

“For me, I put everything on my calendar.” Duckett said. “Because if I don’t write stuff down, then I forget about it.”

For other students it may vary, but it can be helpful to keep track of when assignments are due and when tests are set to help students prepare in advance.

“With the seven classes we have, it can be really hard to manage [everything]” Ibrahim said. “[Having an organization system] helps me stay organized and know what I have to do and avoid being surprised on the day of the test and being like oh, we have a test!”

With organization and getting work done, there is often the problem of procrastination where students tend to push back completing assignments and studying for their tests. This leads to additional stress and often a build up of work.

“Sometimes I end up procrastinating and end up not studying at all, because I’m dreading it so much,” Duckett said.

Students study and prepare themselves differently based on what works best for them.

“Studying is different for everyone. Not everyone has the same study methods. Not everyone has the same organization method. You should do what you think is best for you and what will help you succeed.” Ibrahim said. “Don’t try to match yourself to everyone else.”